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Arizona: Statewide Freeway Speed Camera Program Contract Signed
Two photo radar vans will patrol Arizona freeways statewide beginning in November.

Arizona speed camera van
Arizona Department of Public Safety officials inked a deal with an Australian manufacturer of automated ticketing machines to begin a statewide freeway photo radar program by November. The state will allow Redflex to run a pair of speed camera vans on freeways and two-lane roads anywhere in the state where they might generate significant revenue. The cameras are merely the first installment in a more comprehensive plan by Governor Janet Napolitano (D) to set up permanent speed cameras on every major freeway in the state.

Napolitano was inspired by the success of the Loop 101 photo radar program in Scottsdale, Arizona. Just six cameras there generated 110,962 tickets worth $17 million in 2006. A study documented a 54 percent increase in rear-end collisions and a 9 percent increase in injuries from rear-end collisions as a result of the cameras' use.

Although Redflex initially ran the Scottsdale program, it has since lost the contract to rival vendor ATS. Nonetheless, Redflex is experiencing sharp demand for its revenue producing technology in states like Texas. Record profits allowed Redflex to announce its first-ever dividend to investors holding company shares on the Australian Stock Exchange to be paid November 2.

Source: 2 radar vans to roam state roads (Capitol Media Services (AZ), 9/1/2007)

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