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Ohio: Pedestrian Child Crashes into Ferrari
A fourth grade pedestrian in Newport, Kentucky crashes into parked car doing $200,000 in damage.

1971 Ferrari Daytona
A ten-year-old pedestrian boy rammed a parked, classic Ferrari worth $1.5 million in Newport, Kentucky last Monday.

Arthur James Ibold, 51, had left his all-original, mint-condition 1971 Ferrari Daytona at East Ninth and Washington streets. At around 5:15pm, a fourth-grader running from another youth crashed headlong into the car, scratching and denting the hood. The hood is valued at $200,000.

"He didn't know the car was worth $1.5 million -- he's ten," the boy's mother, who is unemployed, told the Kentucky Post newspaper.

The child faces first-degree criminal mischief charges, a felony, in Campbell County juvenile court.

Source: 1 boy, 1 Ferrari ... and 1 costly dent (Kentucky Post (KY), 5/31/2007)

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