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Montana: Mayor Gets Booted for 15 Parking Tickets
The mayor of Missoula, Montana has his own car booted for failure to pay parking tickets.

Mayor John Engen
The mayor of Missoula, Montana had his Toyota Prius immobilized by a Denver boot last month after he racked up fifteen unpaid parking tickets. Mayor John Engen had ignored the citations, which amounted to $86 in fines. Engen claimed that he simply forgot to pay them.

"I keep a pile on my desk and pay them one stack at a time," Engen told the Billings Gazette newspaper. "Apparently I let this stack get a little out of hand."

Engen will now pay the fine to have his car released. Although city officials exempted themselves from parking violations, Engen stopped identifying his car as an official vehicle when a member of the public noticed his vehicle and left the mayor a negative note.

Source: Missoula mayors car gets boot (Billings Gazette (MT), 5/7/2007)

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