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DC Meter Maids Park Illegally
Meter maids in Washington, DC park their own cars illegally just before issuing tickets to ordinary motorists.

DC meter maid
Washington, DC meter maids park their personal vehicles illegally just before beginning a day's work of issuing parking tickets to regular motorists. A Washington Times investigation counted six meter maid cars parked on a daily basis last week in tow-away zones in front of the District Department of Public Works building, the meter maid headquarters. Another seven blocked a driveway, one blocked a fire hydrant, and another was parked partially on a sidewalk. More than a dozen overstayed in a spot limited to four-hour parking.

"I don't mean to park illegally," an anonymous meter maid told the Times. "There's not enough parking."

The District collects $73 million in parking ticket revenue every year. The DC city council exempted itself from all parking tickets in 2002.

Source: Ticket issuers park illegally (Washington Times, 4/2/2007)

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