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Florida: Survey Shows Speeding Problem Does Not Exist
Port Saint Lucie, Florida resident complaints about speeding turn out to be exaggerated.

Traffic counter
The complaints of certain residents about reckless, speeding cars in Port Saint Lucie, Florida have proven to be unfounded. On Tuesday, police officials reported that a study of traffic patterns using a $7000 solar-powered traffic counting device showed that a majority drive at a reasonable velocity on Paar Drive and Savona Boulevard.

"Port St. Lucie is one big traffic complaint," Police Captain Don Kryak told the Port St. Lucie News. "With our growth and with the addition of cars every day, what we have to determine is whether these are valid complaints."

The traffic counter uses a series of air hoses laid across a street to calculate the number and speed of passing cars without disturbing the flow of traffic by using a policeman with a radar gun. Since the hoses pose no threat of traffic fine, the device provides an accurate record of vehicle speed. The early indications have been that the complaints are "exaggerated."

Source: Air hoses may deflate speed complaints in PSL (Port St. Lucie News (FL), 3/29/2007)

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