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Toronto, Canada Pursues Twenty Year Old Parking Tickets
Toronto, Canada hires a company to purse parking tickets that are twenty years old.

Herb Gallo
Toronto, Canada is attempting to collect on parking tickets issued as far back as two decades ago. The Toronto Sun reports that a reader has been "hounded" by the city's hired collection agency, Canadian Bonded Credits Limited, for a ticket issued in 1987.

Another motorist, Herb Gallo, 69, first learned of an alleged parking offense from November 15, 1990 when he received a letter last week demanding $42.50 CAD. When Gallo sought proof that he had been ticketed seventeen years ago, parking authorities made him wait two hours and failed to offer any evidence.

"They treated me like a criminal," Gallo told the Toronto Sun.

The collections agency also insisted that Kevin Conway, 43, pay $510 CAD for a dozen citations he allegedly received in 1990. Conway recalls he had paid off $700 in parking tickets around 1991 when he purchased a new vehicle. Since this happened seventeen years ago, he no longer has the receipts.

Other motorists who did not own cars at the time are being harassed by automated phone calls insisting that they make payments for tickets issued in 1990 and 1991. The company refuses to offer any evidence that the tickets were actually issued or valid.

Source: No easy answers to ticket disputes (Toronto Sun (Canada), 3/15/2007)

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