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Georgia: Revenue Concerns Kill Red Light Camera Proposal
Macon, Georgia tables red light camera proposal over risk that it may not make any money.

Macon city hall
The city of Macon, Georgia decided Monday to hold off on installing red light cameras after legal analysis showed the program was not a sure-fire moneymaker. Georgia law forbids the per-ticket compensation that photo enforcement companies customarily offer in other states. It also directs that ticket revenue cannot be used to fund photo enforcement programs directly. For that reason a city council committee voted to table a proposed contract with Affiliated Computer Services (ACS).

Under that proposal, the city would have paid ACS a $520,800 annual fee to operate the ten cameras. ACS promised $4-5 million in profit over five years, but if it failed to deliver the city would be $2.6 million in the hole over that period, something that would be likely if the state lawmakers approve a ban on red light cameras.

A majority of residents who attended the public hearing opposed the use of cameras. With the red light cameras proposal set aside, the city will now consider engineering improvements, including the lengthening of yellow signal times.

Two police officers in Edmonton, Canada are currently on trial for accepting bribes from ACS and the company's CEO and CFO stepped down last year after admitting to $51 million in stock fraud.

Source: No go on red-light cameras vote (Macon Telegraph (GA), 2/27/2007)

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