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Texas: Cop Caught with Nearly $1 Million in Cash
Georgia State Patrol troopers seized nearly a million dollars from a Hidalgo County, Texas cop last week.

Ford F350
During a routine traffic stop on January 6, Georgia State Police troopers discovered a Hidalgo County, Texas sheriff's deputy had been carrying $950,435 in cash -- money the Georgia police promptly seized. Emmanuel Sanchez, 30, had been driving a 2006 Ford F-350 truck while off-duty near Atlanta on Interstate 20.

During the stop, Sanchez showed his badge but consented to a search. When Georgia troopers noticed a duffel bag, Sanchez withdrew permission to search and drug sniffing dogs were called in to create probable cause to continue the investigation. Troopers then found the money hidden inside door panels and in the bag.

Sanchez claims he found the money at an Atlanta Hooters restaurant. Police let Sanchez go without filing any charges after they had possession of the money.

Source: Sheriffs deputy resigns after $1 million seizure (McAllen Monitor (TX), 1/13/2007)

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