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Las Vegas Traffic Cameras Stolen for Copper Cash
Thieves have made $1185 by stealing copper from traffic cameras in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Traffic camera
Copper thieves have stolen two miles of wiring out of Las Vegas, Nevada traffic cameras since October. So far, Nevada officials estimate replacement and repair costs at $150,000.

The damaged "FAST Cams" located on U.S. Route 95 were used primarily for showing the latest traffic conditions as the Nevada legislature has banned automated ticketing cameras.

There have been no known cases of red light or speed cameras being attacked for copper, a metal whose value has skyrocketed from just 70 cents a pound three years ago to $3.65 today. Two miles of number ten copper wire would be worth $1185.

Source: Copper thieves target FAST Cams (KVBC-TV (NV), 12/15/2006)

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