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Washington: Big Fines for Avoiding Driving on Slick Roads
Motorists in Kirkland, Washington had their cars towed and faced large fees for avoiding a treacherous snowstorm

Tow truck
Motorists in Kirkland, Washington were stuck with large fines after they abandoned their cars and walked during a treacherous snowstorm last week. The Washington State Patrol has set up deals with towing companies that allow charges of up to $300 for each of the hundreds of cars towed. One motorist parked out of the way on Redmond Way found her car was not there the next morning.

"If I keep driving, I will hurt someone for sure," Xiaoqi Ye told KOMO-TV. "There is no way to continue to drive, so I made the right decision to leave the car there."

That decision cost Ye $271, the amount she had to pay to get her own car back. Motorists may not appeal the towing charge without paying the state $40.

Source: Many who abandoned cars face sticker shock (KOMO-TV (WA), 12/4/2006)

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