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California: Roadblock Generates $30,000
A roadblock in Tracy, California generates $30,000 in revenue for local police and towing companies.

Tracy police
A roadblock in Tracy, California stopped 350 drivers -- none suspected of any wrong-doing -- for questioning at the intersection of Holly Drive and Pereira street between 10am and 2pm on Wednesday. Police caught no drunk drivers but nevertheless declared the operation a complete success after snaring fifteen motorists for driving without their papers in order.

These drivers will lose their vehicle for thirty days and pay a minimum of $1200 in "storage" fees, $250 for the towing, a $435 ticket and even more cash for license reinstatement. Those whose cars are not worth $1885 will have their cars sold at auction with the amount raised applied to the fine. The motorist would then be billed for the remaining amount.

Altogether the roadblock generated almost $30,000 for the towing companies and the police.

"I'd say that thirty-day holds make up about fifteen percent of our profit," Doug Borges, manager of Borges Auto Service told the Tracy Press newspaper.

Officers also wrote a ticket to a motorist who chose not to wear a seatbelt and another for a child seat violation.

Source: Police order 15 cars towed at checkpoint (Tracy Press (CA), 11/16/2006)

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