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Tulsa, Oklahoma Proposes New Ticket Quota
City councilman in Tulsa, Oklahoma wants to use ticket quotas to pay for self-supporting traffic police.

Councilman John Eagleton
Tulsa, Oklahoma City Councilman John Eagleton wants to fund the hiring of new police officers by forcing them to write traffic citations. Eagleton calculates that a single officer issuing twenty $120 tickets each day would bring in $2400 in daily revenue or $576,000 in annual revenue. Deducting the expenses and salary for the new hire, the city would keep $476,000 in profit.

"And the figures I used assume the least expensive ticket," Eagleton said, as reported by KOTV-TV.

Eagleton supports ticketing operations over other possible engineering solutions. "The most efficient way for Tulsa to reduce the carnage and property damages from reckless and inattentive driving is to increase traffic enforcement," he wrote in a memo to the city council last month. Eagleton's fellow councilmen are supportive and approved a study of the concept.

Source: Ticket Quota Proposed For Funding New Tulsa Police Officers (KOTV-TV (OK), 11/15/2006)

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