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Utah Residents Protest Ogden Mayor Over Ticket Quota Incident
Ogden, Utah residents protest the mayor after a report cleared him of wrong-doing in suspending a police officer who protested ticket quotas.

Matthew Godfrey
Residents protested outside the Ogden, Utah City Hall on Tuesday after a Weber County attorney produced a report finding the mayor did nothing illegal when he moved to suspend an officer who complained about ticket quotas.

Three months ago, Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey saw Officer Matt Jones' wife driving a rented truck with a sign reading, "Welcome to Ogden City home of Godfrey's Ticket Quota." Hours latter, the police chief suspended Officer Jones, claiming he stole a wallet during a traffic stop. Although the Weber County investigation found no evidence to substantiate this charge, Officer Jones remains under suspension.

The Weber County investigation did not consider whether the mayor's actions violated the free speech rights of Officer Jones.

Source: Utahs Online Source for Local News & Information Citizens Protest Results of Investigation (KSL-TV (UT), 11/4/2006)

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