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Scotland: Police Charge Car Break-in Victim $590
Scotland, UK Police seize vandalized car and send a $590 bill to the victim.

1985 VW Golf GTI
Police in Edinburgh, Scotland gave newly-wed couple Nigel and Fiona Boothman a £317 (US $590) bill upon their return from a honeymoon in Argentina after a thief had broken into their car. The vandal had pried down the window of their twenty-year old Volkswagen Golf GTI and stole parts of the stereo system.

When police found the car, instead of simply rolling up the window, the officers on the scene declared the car "unsecure" and towed it to an impound lot for £150 and applied £20 in "storage" fees for every day until the couple's return on October 8. The fees exceeded the value of the old car and Boothman was forced to sell it.

"I feel like I've been charged £317 for being the victim of a crime," Nigel Boothman, 32, told the Edinburgh Evening News. "It's like police officers demanding a fee for interviewing someone who has just been mugged.

Police refused to waive the fees.

Source: 300 bill for being the victim of a crime (Edinburgh Evening News, 10/18/2006)

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