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Kentucky: Cops Stop Men for Driving with Cash
Lexington, Kentucky makes millions by confiscating cash from motorists.

Drug sniffing dog
Davidson County, Kentucky sheriff's deputies found two men passing through Interstate 85 guilty of the crime of driving with cash. Officers confiscated $88,000 from the motorists after pulling the car over for tailgating near Lexington.

The motorists said they were traveling from New Jersey to Atlanta to buy a house with the money they carried. After a trained police dog reacted to the car, the two were accused of being drug dealers. There was no other evidence presented, nor were the pair charged with any crime.

The two will have to prove their innocence before a federal judge to have a chance at getting their money back. The Davidson County Sheriff's Office stands to collect $66,000 from the seizure with the remainder going to federal coffers. Over the past two years, the Davidson County Sheriff's Office has collected $3 million from under forfeiture laws.

Source: Deputies seize $88,000 in cash in traffic stop (Lexington Dispatch (KY), 9/28/2006)

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