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Orem, Utah Confiscates Cars for Speeding
Orem, Utah police collect thousands by confiscating cars for mere speeding.

Orem police
Orem, Utah does not have a problem with street racing, never having had an accident related to the practice. Nonetheless, because updated street racing laws have been on the books since May, Orem police have decided to apply their new confiscation authority to cases of ordinary speeding. Merely "revving an engine" is sufficient to trigger the statute, according to the police.

"Periodically we have to flex our legal muscle a little," Orem police Lieutenant Doug Edwards told the Provo Daily Herald newspaper.

One example of this flexing affected Amber Evans, 22, who had been stopped for driving less than 20 MPH over the speed limit on August 26. A traffic officer used the "street racing" law to confiscate the vehicle Evans had been driving, leaving her stranded on the side of the road.

Police will collect an average $350 in "impound fees" in addition to the hefty $750 maximum fine that goes with the Class B misdemeanor conviction offense. A 60-day license suspension will be imposed, after which re-instating the license means a $25 payment to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Source: Orem strict about street racing (Provo Daily Herald (UT), 9/3/2006)

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