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Arizona: Scottsdale Cameras Target Non-Residents
Freeway speed cameras in Scottsdale, Arizona are issuing the most tickets to non-resident commuters.

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The primary recipients of freeway speed camera tickets in Scottsdale, Arizona are non-residents have no voice before the city council responsible for implementing the program. An East Valley Tribune analysis found the cameras mailed 60,000 citations worth $9.4 million between February 28 and June 30 to the owners of vehicles in all fifty states. Commuters from Phoenix were the number one target.

Seventy-nine percent of tickets went to Arizona motorists, with the next highest number going to drivers from California and then Illinois. Vehicles registered in Mexico, Canada or as a Scottsdale police vehicle are free to speed without consequence. Tickets are also dismissed if not process served by a human within 120 days.

Immunity from tickets does not apply to out-of state police officers, however, as one Lorain, Ohio officer found the hard way.

"They don't give you any leeway," Sergeant Chris Pittak told the East Valley Tribune. "I think it's ridiculous. I wouldn't have stopped or ticketed anyone going 11 mph over the limit."

Source: Speeders come from all 50 states (East Valley Tribune (AZ), 8/20/2006)

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