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Connecticut Mayor Orders Cops to Ticket Everyone
Mayor of New Milford, Connecticut bans warnings to increase revenue from traffic tickets.

New Milford Police
Cops in New Milford, Connecticut no longer have the discretion not to ticket motorists passing through the town. Because the town keeps $10 from every citation, New Milford's mayor ordered Police Chief Colin McCormack to stop issuing warnings which generate no revenue at all.

"On 7/25/2006, the Mayor's Office instructed my office to step up enforcement action (read actual tickets) as it relates to violations of law observed by sworn personnel of this agency," Chief McCormack wrote in a memo to police officers obtained by the Litchfield County Times. "As reported to me, it appears that the new Milford Town Council feels that the Police Department is too lenient in actual enforcement action, and brought this to the Mayor's attention. In sum, effective immediately this date at 7:45 a.m., observed violations, anywhere in New Milford, of motor vehicle law or Town ordinances will result in written enforcement action, in the form of a Town ticket, state infractions complaint, or state summons, as appropriate to the offense. Motor vehicle stops of offenders will no longer result in verbal or written warnings until further notice."

Article Excerpt:
"Sounds like I am living in Russia," one person who saw the memorandum observed.
Source: In New Milford, No Discretion (Litchfield County Times (CT), 8/3/2006)

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