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Scottsdale, Arizona Ignores Police Speed Camera Violations
Police in Scottsdale, Arizona ignores speed camera tickets for police that result in arrest for other citizens.

Scottsdale Police
The city of Scottsdale, Arizona has arrested a number of individuals after its new freeway speed cameras claimed a vehicle's owner had traveled over 100 MPH -- including a man accused of driving a rental Hyundai at a speed the vehicle is physically incapable of reaching. Now the city has admitted that it has done nothing to 177 police officers, firemen and ambulance drivers who have committed the same offense and driven at speeds of up to 117 MPH, often in the absence of any emergency. Australian vendor Redflex which operates the camera program simply ignores these violations.

Scottsdale police have also released the photographs of every driver exceeding the 100 MPH threshold -- except for sixteen that show a state police officer, county sheriff or Scottsdale officer behind the wheel. Scottsdale police insist law enforcement personnel deserve special treatment and privacy not accorded to the rest of the public.

Following repeated freedom of information requests from the East Valley Tribune regarding police speed camera citations, the department has said it may re-evaluate its policy of ignoring law enforcement violations.

Source: Scottsdale revisits policy of not ticketing officers (East Valley Tribune (AZ), 7/23/2006)

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