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Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Confiscate Cars for Cruising
City council in Milwaukee, Wisconsin tries to craft ordinance to confiscate cars for cruising.

Bob Donovan
Driving past a police car on a designated city street three times in a two-hour period could get your car confiscated by the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The police chief and several city council members want to add "cruising" to the list of crimes for which it can take away your automobile.

Last weekend, police used these anti-cruising zones to issue 124 traffic tickets, tow away 17 cars for registration violations and arrest 33 people. Alderman Joe Davis earlier this month introduced an ordinance that would double the ticket for "cruising" to a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $400 for repeat offenses.

Proposals to confiscate automobiles without a court hearing are illegal under state law. That is not stopping city council members from finding ways around the law. "I think the message would be loud and clear," Alderman Bob Donovan told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "You aren't going to just pay 100 bucks and get your car back."

Source: Cruisers cars may be seized (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/21/2006)

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