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Scotland: Motorists Trapped by Bogus Speed Limit Sign
A mysterious 40 MPH speed limit sign appeared just 100 yards ahead of a speed camera set to ticket at 30 MPH.

40 sign
A 40 MPH sign encouraged motorists to speed up just 100 yards ahead of a speed camera set to ticket anyone driving over 30 MPH in Edinburgh, Scotland. The sign on Newington Road and Minto Street was a mistake, according to the Lothian and Borders Safety Camera Partnership, the organization that collects millions in speed camera fines. The partnership announced yesterday that some fines may be canceled or refunded. The sign was recently removed.

"It's very strange that the 40 sign went up. I got charged here for doing 38 about a year ago," local restaurant owner Pasquale Cernicchiaro told the Edinburgh Evening News. "I disputed the fine then but they didn't listen -- they would need to listen to anyone caught doing 38mph now. It's a very strange thing to happen but then I suppose it is to be expected because the whole city's roads are a shambles."

Source: 40mph sign beside a 30 speed camera? That really is the limit (Edinburgh Evening News (UK), 6/1/2006)

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