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New Jersey Town Fights Speeding with Stickers
The insurance industry is displeased by a polite effort in Deptford, New Jersey to reduce speeding without tickets.

Mayor Paul Medany
Deptford Township, New Jersey Mayor Paul Medany announced Monday a new plan to reduce speeding through bumper stickers. Medany believes when drivers in the Philadelphia suburb see "No Need to Speed" on a black and yellow stickers and roadside signs that they will ease off the accelerator in busy residential neighborhoods. The effort is meant to be "low-cost, high-impact" and have a fresh slogan every six months.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety spokesman Russ Rader says educating drivers is not enough and that, instead, ticketing campaigns and speed cameras are the answer. "There is no better education campaign than a ticket," he told the Gloucester County Times.

Each speeding ticket issued in New Jersey allows an insurance company to raise the rates on the driver and collect hundreds of extra dollars a year for several years. This ticketing means billions of dollars for the industry which in turn funds the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. New Jersey's legislature outlawed photo ticket cameras in 1992.

Source: Sticker drive aims to slow speeders (Gloucester County Times (NJ), 5/3/2006)

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