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UK: Motorists Tired of Speed Cameras
UK motorists overwhelmingly believe speed cameras cause dangerous driving behavior.

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A majority of British motorists surveyed believe speed cameras create hazardous driving conditions., an online UK insurance company, commissioned Datamonitor to ask motorists how they felt about speed cameras. According to the results, 71 percent believe that speed cameras make motorists less aware of hazards on the road and puts them at risk of causing accidents while their attention is diverted. Sixty-six percent believe the main purpose of speed cameras is to generate revenue.

"The plague of speed cameras on the nation's roads, hits the motorist hard in the pocket," said Swiftcover Chief Executive Andrew Blowers. "Getting flashed by a camera is of course a double whammy for many as not only are they hit with the fine, but the conviction can lead to an increase in insurance premiums."

Fifty-eight percent of drivers said they would slam on their brakes before coming to a speed camera and then speed up again after passing. This practice has caused Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign to call for the end of cameras in the UK.

"I have been warning that speed cameras make our roads more dangerous for years," Smith said. "The government claims that 80 percent (or so) of people support speed cameras. This survey -- conducted under proper conditions by a reputable professional polling company -- proves, once again, that government figures are highly misleading."

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