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Pennsylvania Town Encourages Commerce with Fewer Tickets
Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania plans to abolish meter maids and mandate fewer parking tickets to encourage downtown commerce.

The mayor of Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania wants to encourage commerce in the downtown area with a new set of rules that will result in fewer parking tickets being issued. Overzealous enforcement of parking regulations often discourages visitors from returning, so Mayor Harry Wyant's plan is to give every motorist a second chance. This means if an enforcer sees a car parked at an expired meter, that car would only be ticketed if it is still there after an additional full sweep of the area has been completed.

Wyant says this will make the town "more customer-friendly," without removing the parking meters entirely. Wyant also wants to dissolve the Parking Authority which must issue more tickets in order to maintain itself and three meter maids. Wyant would have police issue the parking tickets.

"Council is fairly committed to it," Councilman Jim Shelly told The Morning Call newspaper. "It seems to make a lot of sense and it would help improve the situation." Local business owners have also expressed strong support.

Source: Pburg wants to give a time out to parking tickets (Morning Call (PA), 4/2/2006)

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