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New Zealand: License Flipper Leads to High-Speed Chase
James Bond-style plate flipper defeats speed cameras but not pursuing police officers.

Bond license plate
A New Zealand motorcyclist who avoided speed camera tickets with a clever gadget was caught after a daring high-speed chase. Garry Leonard Muzyka placed a lever on the side of his motorcycle that allowed him to tilt the rear license plate to prevent it from being photographed. James Bond films introduced many to the concept as the series' signature Aston Martin DB7 was equipped with a license plate that could rotate at the press of a button.

On August 31 at 1:35pm Muzyka blasted past a speed trap on State Highway 5, driving 154km/h (95 MPH) in a 100 zone (62 MPH). Speed cameras couldn't catch him, so police initiated a chase that wound through city streets at high speed. It ended when the Cambridge Heights resident collided with the side of a police car. Muzyka's attorney, Bill Dabney, says police intentionally rammed the motorcycle.

Muzyka pled guilty yesterday to speeding, failing to stop for police and dangerous driving. He was fined NZ$1640 (US $1085) and banned from driving for six months. He was not charged for using his gadget.

Source: Bond-style gadget hid plate from police eyes (Bay of Plenty Times (NZ), 2/23/2006)

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