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Iowa: Highway Speed Limit Lowered 20 MPH
Boone County, Iowa highway speed limit lowered 20 MPH despite no measurable increase in accidents.

Highway 30
Iowa Department of Transportation officials are turning Boone County's Highway 30 into a speed trap. Although the flow of traffic on the road is greater than the current 65 MPH limit, officials will begin ticketing motorists driving over 45 MPH, the lowered limit that takes effect March 1.

Although the move will significantly increase ticket revenue, officials claim the move is being made not because of any measurable increase in accidents on the road. Instead, officials say their motivation is that collisions have been "more severe." Boone County's fiscal 2006-07 budget spends $1.8 million more than it takes in tax revenue.

"So, this is just kind of a step where the department's trying to be proactive to people to help lower the speed limits through there," Iowa Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Dockstader told KCCI-TV.

Source: DOT To Lower Speed Limit On Highway 30 Stretch (KCCI-TV (IA), 2/22/2006)

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