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Canada: Police Set up Baby Seat Roadblock
Police in Edmonton, Canada sets up regular roadblocks to inspect babies and toddlers to ensure they are properly restrained.

Baby Checkpoint
Police in Edmonton, Canada held up traffic for three hours this week at a roadblock designed to ticket anyone driving with a child not restrained in a government-approved child seat. The stops are designed to issue citations worth $115 for the driver plus $115 for each passenger, an amount that can add up quickly for large families. Last October, a similar roadblock resulted in tickets for twenty percent of the family vehicles stopped.

Police check the age and weight of children to ensure any that are under six years and forty pounds use approved seats at each inspection. The Edmonton Journal describes Capital Health spokesman Lacey Hoyland examining the seat of a two month old baby.

"This is way, way, way too loose," she said. "You need to adjust it and make it tighter."

Source: Edmonton police conduct booster-seat check stop (Edmonton Journal, 2/9/2006)

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