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UK: Farm Tractor Gets 85 MPH Speed Camera Ticket
A UK farmer's tractor is accused of speeding at 85 MPH in Wales.

The Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership issued a letter to Wiltshire, UK farmer Steve Crossman claiming they had photographic evidence that his tractor had been seen driving 85 MPH on the A465 near Neath. The letter also demanded Crossman pay £ 60 (US $105) for his offense.

Despite the official accusation, Crossman's 2000 John Deere 6910 tractor had never been near that location. "It's a good tractor, but not that good," he told BBC News. "It can just about get up to 26mph, but that's downhill, with a following wind and with no trailer on the back. There's no way it could get close to 85mph."

Ticket camera partnership officials dropped charges against Crossman after he notified them of the error. The officials are investigating to see why a "checking system" failed to detect such an obvious mistake.

Source: Apology over speeding tractor (BBC News (UK), 1/19/2006)

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