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Scotland to Spend $1.1 Million to Sell Cameras to Public
Scotland, UK will spend $700,000 to convince motorists that speed cameras are about safety, not revenue.

Flower speed camera
Faced with increasing public distrust of speed cameras, Scottish authorities have announced they will begin a £650,000 (US $1.1 million) advertising blitz tomorrow to shore up the device's image. Billboards, radios, televisions and gas station pumps will carry the message that speed cameras are there for safety. A mobile speed camera across the border on the A11 in Norwich, UK has grabbed headlines as it was revealed the single unit generated £5715 (US $10,100) in revenue every hour.

One television ad shows a car being pulled out of a water after an accident and ends by focusing on a "Baby on Board" sticker in the window. The new ads are also expected to highlight statistics from a recent UK Department for Transport study claiming a significant reduction in the number of road accidents as a result of photo enforcement. That's misleading says Paul Smith of the Safe Speed road safety campaign who points to the fine print of the same report which states quite clearly that the cited figures, "exaggerate accident savings."

"The speed camera programme is supported only by dodgy statistics, misleading claims and false assumptions," Smith said. "I urge everyone to treat any claims made with healthy skepticism. We need sophisticated road safety messages about skills, attitudes and responsibilities. Strict speed limit compliance is a road safety red herring that distracts everyone from the genuine fundamentals of safe driving."

Source: 400,000 ad campaign to help drivers focus on speed cameras (Scotsman (UK), 1/15/2006)

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