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Easton, PA Forgives Woman Jailed Over Parking Tickets
Easton, Pennsylvania city council forgives debt of woman jailed for three days over questionable parking tickets.

Northampton County Prison
The mayor of Easton, Pennsylvania signed an agreement forgiving the inflated debts of woman incarcerated for three days Northampton County Prison over non-payment of parking tickets.Pennsylvania District Court Judge Gay Elwell sentenced Denise A. Hollis-Ruggiero, 36, to prison in September because she racked up 127 parking tickets worth $10-20 each, primarily by parking in front of her own home without a permit. The city then added "penalties" to inflate the total debt owed up to $13,555. Many of these tickets were likely illegal because the city did not calibrate its parking meters according to state law.

In December, the city council passed a resolution canceling Hollis-Ruggiero's remaining fines. She will have ended up paying the city about $1900 in tickets and fees.

Article Excerpt:
"I'm OK with it," he said." She was penalized. She did her time in jail, and she paid some restitution." [Mayor Phil] Mitman would not say if throwing out Hollis-Ruggiero's fines was a slippery slope for others to request similar treatment. "I'm not going to make that judgment," he said. "If people have issues of parking, they can go to the police department."
Source: Easton gives parking ticket violator a break (Express-Times (Easton, PA), 1/6/2006)

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