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UK: Motorcyclist Receives False Speed Camera Ticket
Photographic evidence proves a speed camera issued a bogus ticket to a UK motorcyclist.

False ticket evidence
Mid-Glamorgan, UK motorcyclist Bryn Carlyon, 47, found that the only way to find justice after he received a false speed camera ticket was not to go to court. Instead, he brought his evidence to Motorcycle News.

Carlyon had received a police notice in the mail claiming he was exceeding the speed limit at 46 MPH. After going through the convoluted process of obtaining photographs of the incident from the Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership, Carlyon calculated his speed. The photos showed he had moved less than the space of three lines -- six meters -- in 0.5 seconds. This means he was traveling no faster than 12 meters per second, or 26.8 MPH. Since the actual distance he traveled was less than six meters, he more likely was moving at 18 MPH.

Carlyon showed his calculation to the camera ticket partnership and they just told him he had to fight it in court on December 16. But as soon as Motorcycle News began making inquiries on Carlyon's behalf, the ticket partnership immediately dropped charges

"Before MCN stepped in, I didn't know what to do," said Carlyon. "How many people get these notices, don't know how fast they were going and just accept it?"

Source: Have you been wrongly convicted? (Motorcycle News, 12/21/2005)

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