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Arizona: Dead Man Gets Red Light Camera Ticket
A Mesa, Arizona man received a red light camera ticket even though he has been dead for the past five years.

Dead man ticket
On October 10, a red light camera in the city of Mesa, Arizona issued James Hamburg a ticket for allegedly entering an intersection less than one second after the light had turned red. The problem with the allegation is that Hamburg had been dead for five years at the time of the supposed violation.

"I don't know if this is a cruel joke, or what," widow Lorraine Hamburg, 80, told the Phoenix New Times.

Steven Hamburg, the man's son, tried to get the ticket dropped. Mesa police refused to do so unless he could send documentation proving his father was dead at the time the citation was issued. After doing so, Steven Hamburg never heard back, so he contacted a local newspaper to tell his story.

Mesa police dropped the charge after being contacted by the press but could offer no explanation for the ticket.

Source: Dead Man Driving (Phoenix New Times, 12/1/2005)

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