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Scottsdale, AZ: City Spends $136,000 on Photo Radar Propaganda
Scottsdale, Arizona residents will be experience an expensive advertising blitz to promote the value of speed camera tickets.

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Before the first ticket is even issued in Scottsdale, Arizona's forthcoming freeway photo radar program, residents will be deluged with advertisements about how effective the program will be -- for safety and not revenue. As part of the $136,000 advertising blitz, speed camera commercials will run on 29 local radio stations beginning next week and continuing into next year.

Scottsdale will also host an "open house" at a community college where the public can ask questions about how the speed camera program will operate.

Once approved by the state, the system will initially use five fixed speed cameras on the 7.8-mile stretch of freeway. Photo tickets will cost the driver $157 each. Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia will operate the program and receive a $42.48 bounty for each citation it can capture in addition to a monthly rental fee from the city. Scottsdale and the state will split the remainder.

Source: Campaign to herald Loop 101 photo use (East Valley Tribune (AZ), 11/24/2005)

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