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Ex-Councilman Sues Girard, Ohio Over Photo Enforcement
A former member of the Girard, Ohio city council is suing to stop the city's photo enforcement system.

Girard, Ohio
Daniel Moadus Jr., a former member of the Girard, Ohio city council, is suing to stop the city's red light camera and speed camera program. His suit maintains that the system undermines due process and that Girard acted illegally when it changed the status of red light running from a criminal violation -- as established by the legislature -- to a civil violation.

Moadus is a long-time critic of the city and says the only reason for the camera program is the revenue it generates.

"Girard has virtually an unbroken chain of granting pay raises, even while it has been in fiscal receivership," Moadus wrote in campaign literature from his city council race. "I have said many times that our city will end up with one police officer and one firefighter, each making a quarter million dollars."

Attorney James Denney has agreed to represent Moadus before the Trumbull County Common Pleas Court without charge. Denney has a personal connection to the case because the city had placed one of the cameras on his property without permission. Denney responded by parking a car in front of the camera so that it was unable to issue any tickets. The city quickly moved the camera.

Denney will accept donations from anyone willing to help defray the expenses incurred in the case.

Source: Camera opponent hires new attorney (The Vindicator (Youngstown, Ohio), 10/20/2005)

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