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Massachusetts Lawmaker Wants to Simplify License Plates
Legislative proposal would change Massachusetts license plates to three letters and a symbol in glowing letters.

Possible plate design
A bipartisan group of Massachusetts state lawmakers believe that complicated license plates may have contributed to the death of Molly Bish who was kidnapped five years ago. They intend to introduce "Molly's Law" to simplify the plates and honor her memory.

"This is an innovative effort to improve safety," Senator Bruce Tarr (R-Wilmington) explained at an event announcing his legislation last Thursday. He was joined by Bish's parents, Magdalene and John, as well as the family of abduction victim Elizabeth Smart. A group of twenty middle school students were also on hand to express support.

Tarr's proposal would reduce the existing six-letter license plates to a simplified version with three letters and a symbol, all of which would glow in the dark. Bish's parents believe that their daughter would still be alive had they been able to remember the license plate of a white car in the parking lot where sixteen-year-old Molly Bish was last seen.

Article Excerpt:
"I didn't get the license plate number that day, and I search for white cars now," [Magdalene Bish] said.
Source: Mollys Law aims for easier ID of cars involved in crimes (Sentinel and Enterprise (MA), 9/23/2005)

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