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Thunderstorm Drives Bakersfield Red Light Camera Haywire
Thunderstorm causes red light camera to flash everyone driving past.

Bakersfield red light camera
The accuracy of Bakersfield, California's red light camera system is in question after an overnight thunderstorm Monday. The storm apparently caused a camera located at White Lane and Wible Road to wildly flash every passing motorist and "probably startled a lot of people," Bakersfield Police Detective Mary DeGeare told the Bakersfield Californian. Because they are acknowledging this malfunction, police claim that nobody will be mailed the pricey citations which range from $381 to $906 per ticket.

Last year the city was caught trying to collect over $500,000 from motorists who were ticketed by a camera at Ming Avenue and South Real Road which had a yellow signal time that was so short it violated California law.

Article Excerpt:
In fact, the new red-light camera system at White Lane and Wible Road was reportedly popping off like a strobe light gone mad.
Source: Thunderstorms may not be done with Kern yet (Bakersfield Californian, 8/16/2005)

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