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Tennessee Town Lowers Speed Limits for Revenue
Lowered speed limits in Coopertown, Tennessee boost profits by 1500 percent.

Mayor Danny Crosby
Coopertown, Tennessee Mayor Danny Crosby is sitting on a huge budget surplus after he lowered the town's speed limits at the beginning of the year. Before the change, the town made just $10,172 from traffic citations in the last six months of 2004. In the first six months of this year, however, revenue jumped 1500 percent to $152,324. The cause, according to the mayor, is clear.

"Coopertown lowered speed limits and began enforcing them creating a big jump in revenue," Crosby told the Robertson County Times. "A big jump happens with good management."

Article Excerpt:
"I've seen court dockets in the past that prove only two tickets were given in Coopertown during one month's time," said Coopertown City Recorder Kacie Reynolds. "I mean Coopertown is called a speed trap now, but I would rather know our police department is out there working rather than just giving out two tickets a month. I start to wonder what else they're doing if they aren't staying busy," Reynolds said.
Source: Coopertown sees revenue increase in new fiscal year (Robertson Co. Times, 7/27/2005)

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