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Baltimore Official Arrests Meter Maid for Giving Him a Ticket
Baltimore, Maryland police arrest a meter maid for giving a ticket to a city contractor.

Baltimore police
George C. Grimes Jr., a consultant working for the city of Baltimore, Maryland got to do something that most motorists could never do after receiving a parking ticket -- he had the meter maid who gave it to him arrested. Last Thursday, police handcuffed 35-year-old Donna L. Evans after she placed a $42 parking ticket on the car belonging to Grimes. The car had been parked in a street-cleaning zone on West Pratt Street during restricted hours, but it displayed a "work zone" permit.

Evans told the Baltimore Sun that nobody bothered explaining the charges against her or why she was being taken into custody for doing her job. Evans said Grimes appeared to know the arresting officers well.

Although the arresting officers had called for a transport van to take Evans to the city jail, they stopped only after police supervisors objected. She was held in custody for ten minutes.

Article Excerpt:
"It was definitely very emotional," said Evans, whose supervisors rushed to the scene and demanded answers, to no avail. "They didn't understand how I was being locked up for issuing [someone] a citation," said Evans, who has retained an attorney, Warren A. Brown. "We're searching out our options," Brown said yesterday. "She doesn't want to lose her job, but at the same token, she feels what was done to her was wrong."
Source: Issuing ticket gets city agent cuffed (Baltimore Sun, 7/20/2005)

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