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DC: Top Camera Cop Has Car Stolen
Washington, DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey has his unmarked police car stolen from his home.

Chief Charles Ramsey
Washington, D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey had his unmarked police car stolen from in front of his home some time last weekend. Ramsey has been the most vocal advocate of devoting police time and attention to red light camera and speed camera enforcement.

Although District police do not distribute fliers to help locate the stolen cars of ordinary residents, they passed out a flier so that Ramsey's black Ford Crown Victoria with DC plate AL-6072 could be found. The vehicle contained a police radio and the chief's riot gear.

Two years ago DC's fire chief and the city's chief arson investigator each had their official cars stolen. The fire chief's car was recovered, but the arson investigator's car was destroyed by fire.

Article Excerpt:
Ramsey arrived home early Sunday. When he awoke to go to church later that morning, he couldn't find the black Crown Victoria, and he and his wife went to church in her personal car, he said. The chief said initially he thought there was simply a misunderstanding about where the motor pool officer had left the car. But yesterday morning, after another fruitless search for the vehicle, he concluded that it had been stolen.
Source: D.C. Chief's Vehicle Snatched (Washington Post, 6/21/2005)

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