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UK: Man Loses Job Over False Speed Camera Ticket
A Wrexham, UK driver loses a new job opportunity because it took months for police to cancel an unjust speed camera fine.

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Last October, over 1100 motorists received speed camera tickets driving on the A483 in Wrexham, UK after the speed limit was lowered for roadwork without adequate signs warning motorists of the change. Only this month did the North Wales Police admit the fines were unjust and issue Anthony Waters a letter explaining that the three demerit points assessed against his license had been cancelled. He will not receive a refund of his £60 fine until July.

Waters believes the eight months he lived with the penalty points that he did not deserve cost him an opportunity to land a better-paying job. Waters applied for a job where his driving record was a factor, and he had no choice to report the black mark against his record. He didn't get the job. North Wales Police has issued no apology for the hardships it has caused with its error.

Article Excerpt:
[Waters said:] "I am not on the highest of salaries, it is about a third of my weekly pay. When I received this conviction for speeding I was ordered to pay the fine within 28 days or else I would be returning to court. It seems unfair I have to wait so long for money I shouldn't have had to pay out at all."
Source: FURY OVER ROAD SPEED FINE GAFFE (Wrexham Evening Leader (UK), 6/19/2005)

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