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Scotland Not Safer After Five Years of Speed Cameras
Road deaths in Scotland have remained static despite five years of speed camera enforcement.

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The latest statistics from the Scottish Executive confirm that the number deaths on Scotland's roads has not decreased since speed cameras were introduced in 1999. Last year, 307 died in driving accidents, a figure essentially unchanged from the 310 deaths figure in 1999.

Safe Speed road safety campaign founder Paul Smith argues that before speed cameras were installed, road deaths decreased every year as a result of improvements in vehicle safety and medical care. Had cameras not been deployed, Smith argues the trends show there would be 100 fewer fatalities every year.

"The truth is that Scottish road safety has not improved one jot since 1999 despite an explosion in the use of speed cameras," Smith said.

Source: PDF File Key 2004 Road Accident Statistics (Scottish Executive, 6/15/2005)

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