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Florida: Cops in Camouflage Set Up Radar Trap
Palm Bay Police use SWAT tactics against motorists.

Palm Bay officer
Motorists in Palm Bay, Florida face police officers using full SWAT tactics to issue speeding tickets. Officer John Resh, pictured, hides in the bushes in full camouflage as part of a radar speed trap two weeks ago. The force plans to continue to use creative means to hide themselves from the public.

"The next big box you see on the road may have a police officer in it," Deputy Chief Doug Muldoon told Florida Today. "An officer could be in the back of a work truck or in construction gear."
Disabled truck trap

Other area departments have disguised officers as construction workers, stranded motorists and the homeless.

Source: Hidden radar nabs speeders (Florida Today, 5/14/2005)

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