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Missouri: Road's Speed Limit Lowered, Accidents Went Up.
Missouri officials thought they would reduce accidents by lowering the speed limit on a stretch of road. The opposite happened.

Highway 13
Earlier this year, Missouri Department of Transportation officials cited the importance of reducing accidents when it lowered the speed limit from 65 MPH to 60 MPH along 14 miles of Missouri 13 between Springfield and Bolivar. Prior to this change, there were 68 accidents in the first three months of 2004 compared to 69 accidents in the same time frame this year.

Police and highway officials rejected the notion that the old roadway required engineering updates to improve safety. The road, for instance, lacks shoulders and other important features that tend to reduce accidents.

Article Excerpt:
MoDOT says lowering the limit even more is definitely not in the plans right now. Its engineers say rain is also something that plays a big factor in accidents. An unusually wet spring and winter contributed to the number of accidents.
Source: Drivers ignore lower speed limit on old highway (KYTV-TV (Springfield, MO), 5/26/2005)

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