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Edmonton Police Dogs Track Camera Vandal
A police dog tracked a rock attack on an Edmonton, Canada photo radar van.

Edmonton photo radar van
A police dog tracked a suspect in an attack on an Edmonton, Canada photo radar van on Saturday. The driver was not injured when a rock was thrown into the back window of the van around 10 p.m. A dog that had been brought to the scene tracked a suspect matching the description of a man seen fleeing the seen, but no charges have been filed.

Nine vans were smashed last year, including a December attack that left a van dented with three windows smashed. Police are now considering placing police dogs inside photo radar vans.

Article Excerpt:
The call to have cops team up with van operators has been made before, said Ward 4 Coun. Jane Batty, one of two councillors on the Edmonton Police Commission. And police may develop better ways to prevent the attacks after arresting a culprit and asking why they did it, she said.
Source: Radar van vandals targeted (Edmonton Sun (Canada), 4/11/2005)

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