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European Union Official Backs 55MPH to Save Oil
EU Energy Commissioner using oil prices to slash European speed limits.

Andris Piebalgs
In the 70's, U.S. officials imposed a national 55 MPH speed limit in order to save fuel. The limit outlasted the oil crisis and was only repealed in 1995. Now the skyrocketing price of oil has led the European Union's Energy Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, to recommend the idea in Europe. He is calling for a speed limit reduction throughout Europe to 90 KM/H (55.9 MPH). Although not directly responsible for speed limits, Piebalgs is pushing the issue with his colleagues.

Most European Union countries, other than Germany, have speed limits between 90 and 130 KM/H. Germany's famous autobahnen have no top limit.

Article Excerpt:
"When cars in Germany race along the roads at a speed of 200 km per hour, of course they use a lot of petrol", the commissioner pointed out.
Source: Energy Commissioner backs reduced speed limits to save oil ( (Belgium), 4/9/2005)

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