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Scotland: Road Deaths Rise with Increase in Tickets
Despite a significant increase in speeding tickets issued, road deaths have increased in Scotland.

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According to statistics released on Thursday, Scottish police are focusing more than even on driving offenses, which now account for 41 percent of prosecutions in Scotland -- up from about 33 percent a decade ago. The bulk of the increase can be attributed to the 130,000 speed cameras citations issued in 2003.

Despite the heavy enforcement allowing Scotland to collect £10 million in income from tickets (U.S. $19 million), road deaths actually increased 9 percent over the prior year.

"Clearly the massive increase in speed enforcement has not driven down road deaths," said Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign. "And if it doesn't save lives what good is it?"

Key Statistic:
But despite the significant jump in the number of motorists caught speeding, 331 people were killed in road accidents that year a 9% annual increase.

The Scottish Executive figures revealed that the number of tickets issued increased from 104,797 in 2002 to 165,013 the following year. The total number of motor vehicle offences recorded in 2003 was 409,493, an annual rise of 20%. Speeding convictions in-creased by 25% during the same period from 9636 to 12,034 in 2003.

Source: Speeding blitz fails to curb death on the roads - The Herald (The Herald (Scotland, UK), 4/1/2005)

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