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Wyoming Law Targets Left Lane Hogs
Wyoming passes law to prohibit the blocking of left-lane traffic on highways.

Slower Traffic Keep Right
A measure signed into law last month by Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal will prohibit the blocking of the traffic in the far-left lane of a highway.

"If there's one truck going 75 mph, and the other thinks he can go 76, he pulls out, blocks that lane, and it takes him two miles to pass," state Senate President Grant Larson said on the bill's introduction.

The law becomes effective on July 1.

Article Excerpt:
SF 106
Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Wyoming:
Section 1. W.S. 31-5-304 by creating a new subsection (c) is amended to read:
31-5-304. Minimum speed limits.
Notwithstanding any minimum speed that may be authorized and posted pursuant to this section, no person shall operate a vehicle in the extreme
left-hand lane of a controlled-access highway for a prolonged period in a manner which impedes the flow of other traffic traveling at a lawful rate of speed.
Source: Highway law to clear lanes (Jackson Hole Zone, 3/12/2005)

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