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Virginia DOT Buying $163,000 Apology Ads
Virginia's Department of Transportation is spending thousands to apologize for botched local highway projects.

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The Virginia Department of Transportation is spending thousands advertisements in Hampton Roads, Virginia to apologize for massive problems with a local roads project. Parts of the new I-64 roadway project are already falling apart. The enterprise is $50 million over budget and years behind schedule. The work is causing significant delays for commuters.

"We'd like to offer you an apology," VDOT-sponsored radio ad said. "VDOT. We're keeping you on the go and in the know."

The radio and newspaper ad campaign will cost state taxpayers $163,000. Virginian-Pilot columnist Kerry Dougherty responds, "Frankly, the only thing more annoying than the massive ineptitude on the interstate is that an apology for it costs us money."

Article Excerpt:
I can think of a more sincere way to apologize to Virginia motorists. How about having the head of VDOT march up and down I-64 wearing a sandwich board that says "I'm Sorry" for a couple of weeks? He could knock on the windows of stalled motorists and pass out $163,000 worth of sandwiches.
Source: Now we're even paying for VDOT to apologize (The Virginian-Pilot, 3/12/2005)

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