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Singapore Abandons Hidden Speed Camera Traps
Singapore announces speed camera locations and agrees to install warning signs.

Singapore Police Force
After enduring a great deal of criticism for "sneaky tactics", the Singapore Police Force has announced the location of all speed camera enforcement zones in the country. The police also agreed to install signs that warn of upcoming speed traps and require personnel operating the devices to wear reflective vests to ensure visibility.

In response to complaints about speed limits being too low, limits will undergo more frequent review.

Singapore issued nearly 50,000 tickets in 2003. The 2004 totals are expected to be significantly higher.

Article Excerpt:
Said Traffic Police Commander Ng Guat Ting: 'We recognise the sentiments of the motoring public that speed enforcement can only be seen as reasonable if the speed limits are deemed reasonable by the motoring public too.'
Source: Drivers to be warned: Speed trap ahead (Straits Times (Singapore), 2/24/2005)

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