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DC Has No Idea How Much Money it Makes on Parking Tickets
Washington, D.C. can't keep track of $20-50 million in parking fines.

 Anne Witt, DC  Department of Motor Vehicles director
The District of Columbia is pretty sure it has issued between $99 and $104 million in tickets last year, a discrepancy of only $5 million. What's not clear to D.C. leaders is whether the city has actually collected $53 million in parking ticket fines or $83 million.

That means there could be as little as $20 million or as much as $50 million in uncollected parking fines. The District just isn't sure, and blames ACS the city's parking ticket and camera enforcement contractor. The ACS ticket processing contract is worth $8.6 million.

In 2002, the D.C. city council voted to exempt itself from all parking regulations so that they wouldn't be subject to parking tickets.

Article Excerpt:
"I am sure the $99 million number is correct for some definition of something I am not able to tell you," [Anne Witt, DC DMV director] said. "We're really working to try to get some consistent reports."
Source: D.C. dumbfounded on parking fines (Washington Times, 2/21/2005)

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